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  1. The continuing fascination with Joy Division
    21 Apr, 2019
    The continuing fascination with Joy Division
    There always seems to be a buzz about Joy Division (JD). From the devastating news of Ian Curtis’s death in 1980 through the retelling of Curtis’s experience in the 2007 film Control to countless articles, blog posts, online conversations, merchandise (I am wearing a JD hoody as I write) and the continuing resonance of their music, there always seems to be something of JD in the air. You might even count 24 Hour Party People as part of the JD, or at least Factory Records, legend.  In the late
  2. Trail idea part two, more on Red Oak
    24 Feb, 2019
    Trail idea part two, more on Red Oak
    As I said in the previous post on this subject, I planned to do some more exploration of the Red Oak Trail at Pleasant Valley (PV) Park in Murrysville — my local MTB ride. As with so many explorations, what I discovered was a bit of a surprise. In my previous post I said that the Red Oak trail “peters out after a while” and does not connect with any other trails in the system. Wrong. It does connect. It’s just that the connecting section of the trail becomes so overgrown in summer that it seems
  3. Rules of engagement for content marketing
    10 Jan, 2019
    Rules of engagement for content marketing
    One of the great things about content marketing is leveraging or re-using existing content, which I am about to do. But as I or you do, we should make sure it’s done ethically and legally.  So, before I post further on this blog about marketing, and in particular content marketing, I wanted to share a great article from Matt Cooper over at the Content Marketing Institute called: How To Use Content That Isn’t Yours.  It might not be that timely date-wise. On the other hand, it might be timeless.
  4. Image: Drum Magazine
    05 Jan, 2019
    Cool Crimson drummer history
    The author of a cool article about King Crimson drummers — Wayne Blanchard in DRUM! — wonders what attracts drummers — great drummers — to King Crimson. How about: Robert Fripp keeps firing the previous ones? Or, and probably much more likely, they grow discontented with the ever-shifting views of the bespectacled owl that keeps everybody in King Crimson on their toes.  Whatever the reason, Blanchard’s right. There have been A LOT of great drummers in King Crimson. The article delivers a nice